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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many pumps does it take to clean the club?

A.  1 - 2 pumps are all it takes for deep cleaning of the grooves

Q. Is it hard to fill?

A.  Not at all, the water reservoir rotates completely off the brush for easy filling from a sink or water bottle

Q. What are the brush bristles made of?

A.  Made of Non-scratch Stiff Nylon

Q. Does the brush hold enough water for 18 holes?

A.  Yes, the brush easily holds enough water for approximately 27 holes

         Brush Tips

Rotate the water reservoir counterclockwise to remove 

Fill brush to the waterline. Line up tabs and rotate reservoir clockwise to reattach

Hold the brush head upright and pump approximately 5-8 times to prime the pump

Once the pump is primed only 1 - 2 pumps are enough for deep cleaning of the clubface

If brush spray reduces during round hold brush head upright and pump 2-3 times to re-prime the pump

When finished with your round empty remaining water from the reservoir

Enjoy your new Cleaner Face and Mouth!


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